Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Launch jitters

I must be mad thinking I could get anything useful done on the work in progress when my head is full of Testament and the launch. Though I did physically sit down yesterday and try to get on with the current chapter, it was like trying to listen to conversations in the spectators’ seats from the bottom of the swimming pool. I just couldn’t hear my characters at all, when I tried to get close to them they seemed like people I’d once known quite well but whom I’d lost touch with. There was a barrier between us and its name was Preoccupation.

So in the end I gave up and went to get my hair cut for the party. Today, I’m working (as in not writing) so hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate on things other than the launch, although as most people from work are coming to the party it’s unlikely to be a completely launch-fever-free zone.

The local press in various areas which have been local to me through my life are starting to show interest. The interview which I quoted here for the Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser has now been transformed into an article and is in this week’s edition of the paper. My mum, at least, is very excited! I’ve done telephone interviews for two local newspapers so the people of Kent have the potential be heartily sick of me by this time next week. And, next week, I’m going to Oxford to see friends, but also to talk to a journalist from the Oxford Mail about Testament which will be fun.

Before Thursday evening I have an important decision to make. I have to choose a couple of pages of Testament to read at the party. They need to neatly encapsulate the themes of the book, be self-contained and, if possible, generate the odd laugh from the assembled well-wishers. Oh, and not include spoilers of any kind. Quite a tall order, I’m finding.

I also need to make a short, witty, moving speech in which I thank all the relevant people for getting the book to this stage. Given the gestation period of Testament, that may take some time. I don’t like writing notes for speeches but I know that I’m probably going to lie awake for hours tonight going through the main things I want to say. And then, when it comes to it, I’ll probably forget it all in the emotion of the moment.
Frankly I shall be pleased if I get through without actually weeping!

Probably won’t get a post up tomorrow for obvious reasons. By the way, after mentioning problems with the email feed from my website the other day, we’ve now simplified things a lot so it’s now possible to email me from the Contact page. Just in case you wanted to know!


Akasha Savage said...

Good Luck Alis. :D

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Alis said...

Thanks guys!

Tim Stretton said...

Good luck, Alis!

Enjoy it - you only launch your first novel once!