Thursday, 31 January 2008

Happy Birthday to the Ultimate Frisbee Freak!

The Ultimate Frisbee Freak is eighteen today! Oh my goodness, where has his whole childhood and adolescence gone? I’m not going to say that it feels like only yesterday that he was born – it doesn’t – but in that peculiar way time has of speeding up and slowing down and signposting things more or less well things which happened before he was born seem more recent whilst his babyhood and early childhood seem a phenomenally long time ago.

The Other Half and I have – as is our wont when one of the boys has a birthday – been putting together some posters which we will stick around the house to celebrate the event. For the Bassist’s birthday we did Banksy-themed posters but since it’s the UFF’s eighteenth we resorted to the totally unoriginal idea of collecting photos from his entire life. So a picture of him lying on my lap zonked out on milk as a tiny baby sits next to an image of him and his brother aged about five and six gut-barging each other in American football shirts with pillows shoved up them and a picture of the UFF in his first suit aged fourteen. Others include teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes and the UFF and the B wearing home-made (by my Mum) capes which they were seldom seen without for a period of about eighteen months until the UFF went to school and abandoned such preschool pursuits.

And though he’s now the Ultimate Frisbee Freak, the photos remind me that he has passed through phases of being the goalie, the poet, the lead guitarist…

So, here’s wishing the UFF a very happy birthday, and looking forward to whatever he chooses to be for the next eighteen years… and beyond!

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