Thursday, 16 October 2008

We're all going on an autumn holiday...

Having worked some time in lieu I have next week off from the day job as well as the following week (half term) so the Other Half and I are off to France to stay with her mother for a bit, leaving the Ultimate Frisbee Freak and the Bassist to fend for themselves for a week or so (with a freezer full of food…) They are under strict instructions not to let us come back to find that our feet stick to the floor and we can’t see any surfaces for unwashed crockery…

I was going to take my beloved laptop and put in a couple of hours’ work a day on the novel but, having thought about my current productivity (poor), I have decided to take a break. I have been working on the wip solidly for four and a half breakless months since the OH and I had a week’s walking in the Peak District, so I reckon I’m due a bit of a brain-holiday.

As I’m taking the only thing I bought with my recent royalty cheque – a new digital SLR camera – there will, hopefully, be some decent-ish pictures of the Cevennes in autumn to stick up here when we return.

Meanwhile, don’t do anything I wouldn’t.

PS, what about The White Tiger winning the Man Booker, eh?


KAREN said...

Sounds like you deserve a break. Happy snapping!

I'm going to read The White Tiger and see what I think :o)

Alis said...

Hi Karen. That last comment about the White Tiger was mostly because I know (from reading Dovegreyreader) it was the rank outsider and I always like to see them win. It's also the book that I have got everybody in my bookgroup to read this month, having had it highly recommended to me. Didn't know it was still in hardback, so I'm going to be in bad books!
Let's hope we all like it.