Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Code word thingies

Is it just me, or have the 'I'm not a spammer' code word thingies on Blogger turned from random jumbles into vaguely credible words? They suddenly seem far easier to get to grips with and type.


Tim Stretton said...

I'd noticed the same - although the verification word for this post is "somsms" which is at least one vowel short of easy memorisation!

Alis said...

Drat - maybe their algorithm's faulty. At least this one's distin!

David Isaak said...

Their semi-intelligibility seems to me to come and go in waves that last a few days. But the human mind is a pattern-seeking machine, so it often finds trends where there are none. Or I do.

The verification code for this comment is "kiineys," which isn't too believable as a word. Unless we drop in a glottal stop, as is common in sci-fi/fantasy (or Hawai'ian!), and render it as Ki'ineys. (Princess, tribe, or place name? You decide.)