Monday, 24 March 2008

Ultimate Frisbee Freak goes global!

HUGE EXCITEMENT chez Bizarre this evening as the UFF has just heard that he's been picked for the Great Britain Junior (under 19s) Ultimate Frisbee team to play in the World Championships this summer in Vancouver.

He's been training hard which is pretty tough combined with 4 A-levels so we're all really proud of him.

Hope you've all had a lovely, peaceful Easter. Normal blog posting will be resumed tomorrow when we've all settled down!


David Isaak said...

Tell 'em congrats. I was unaware that Frisbee--excuse me, the World Flying Disc Federation--had become such a big deal, but it appears to be huge.

Vancouver is the summer is as good as it gets.

Alis said...

Thanks David. The game, by the way, is universally referred to by its players as 'Ultimate' and they mean it in every possible sense!