Monday, 31 March 2008

Help - Advice Needed

OK all you multi-lingual clever clogs out there, pay attention! The Other Half and I have decided to go to Italy for a week at Whitsun and I have volunteered to learn some Italian so we won't look like totally hopeless cases and will be able to ask for things, exchange pleasantries etc. I've wanted to learn Italian for a while and this is just the push I need to get started.

So, this is the advice needed. Can anybody recommend a good, potentially quick Italian course - preferably multi-media so I can listen to and read the materials? I'm a reasonable linguist and pick things up quickly but, having always learned formally, would appreciate something more than just useful phrases and conversational stuff - I'd quite like something which shows me the way the language is structured so that I can begin to speak properly rather than just remember learned phrases.

If anybody has any expertise/advice in this area I'd be really grateful!



KAREN said...

I can only recommend trying the library - I know we have extensive stock of language cds in ours - someone there would be able to advise probably. Good luck :o)

My husband's currently teaching himself Polish, but he's happy using books. Me, I have enough trouble with English!

Alis said...

Thanks, Karen. I'll go and have a look.