Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Manifesto for life

Yesterday I reviewed Meg Harper’s new book, Piper and I mentioned her blog about the part her mum played in inspiring the book. At the risk of looking like a Meg groupie, today I’m going to quote some stuff she said about her Mum because I was quite struck by it.

These things, Meg says, my mother taught me:

If you think you haven’t got any friends, look round for someone who needs one.

Don’t criticize something if you can’t put something better in its place.

If you don’t understand, ask. It’s amazing how often other people want to ask the same question.

Speak out. Stand up for what you believe in.

It is better to create something than to buy it.

If you work hard for something rather than it falling into your lap, you will value it more.

Sayings which ring with a kind of flinty truth, like a blueprint for a moral life.
Don’t waste your life being self-indulgent, self-obsessed or selfish.
Be honest - more, be truthful.
Effort, craftsmanship, work honestly undertaken, is valuable.

Not a bad manifesto for life. Not least, the writing life.

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Meg Harper said...

I'm choked! I took a risk in writing that particular blog - but the risk paid off! Reading people's comments and e-mails and this here is all very healing. I believe that my mum lives on anyway but to see her living on in this way too, is very moving. Thank you so much, Alis.