Monday, 26 November 2007

Blog Tag

OK, I have been ‘tagged’ by another blogger. This means that, if I am going to play by the rules I have to:

1. Link to
the person that tagged me and post the rules on my blog.

2. Share seven random or weird things about myself.

3. Tag seven random people at the end of my blog.

4. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, I’m OK on number one because the person who tagged me is already linked to my blog on ‘My Favourite blogs’ so tick that one. And I’m posting the rules here, so tick number two.

I don’t mind sharing severn random or slightly weird things about myself, so here we go:

Random fact No 1 – ‘Alis’ isn’t a Welsh variant as people logically assume (given that’s where I come from) I was just christened Alison and don’t like it as much.

RF No 2 - Hawkins Bizarre is a pun on the toy shop Hawkin’s Bazaar, thought up by my Other Half when the name I wanted for my blog – Peoplewatcher – already proved to have been taken in all its many permutations. Given the strapline about 'strange but interesting' it seemed appropriate.

Slightly weird thing No 1 - I have a thing about rucksacks. (‘A thing?’ I can already hear my family crying, ‘You’re obsessed, woman. Obsessed! You can’t pass Black’s without your tongue hanging out! It’s a rucksack fetish!’) I possess about a dozen, ranging from a handbag sized one to the full 65 litre hike-around-the-world thing.
I think they will definitely have to come in for a blog of their own at some stage.

SWT No 2 – I have a very weak form of synaesthesia which means that I see the days of the week as colours. Monday = bluey-grey, Tuesday = liverish purple/brown, Wednesday = Sherwood green, Thursday = dark green, Friday = brown, Saturday = yellow, Sunday = white. Occasional words have vague shapes associated with them (eg ‘group’ = spherical) but these only come up occasionally. I wish I were more synaesthetic, it would bring in a whole new dimension to the way I think about words.

RF No 3 – I am afraid of the dark. Seriously. Have to have v. thin curtains or, if it’s horribly dark outside, like when on holiday in the countryside, leave the landing light on. Sign of too much imagination...

SWT No 3 – When I was a teenager I used to want to be a shepherd. Though I abandoned that when I developed a social conscience at university, it probably showed more insight into the kind of profession which would suit me (solitary, few time-pressure demands, lots of control over my own work, having to be resourceful) than I showed in ending up in the health service where I was constantly at people’s beck and call and had very little control over my own working life. Tchah!!

RF No 4 (or maybe it’s SWT No 4 depending on your view of the subject) I used to be a HUGE Waltons fan. Recently got really into Brothers and Sisters on Channel 4 with The Ultimate Frisbee Freak and The Bassist and, though Bs&Ss was a different kettle of fish to the Ws it had a similar attraction for me. Did I want to be one of a large family? Strangely, absolutely not!

OK, there’s my seven weird or random facts. I’m not sure I want to tag anybody else because I don’t want them to have to link me if they don’t want to.
I know, I’m a wimp…

What does everybody else think of tagging? Is it a good way to join the dots in the blogosphere or is it a bit like a chain letter?

All thoughts gratefully received.

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Akasha Savage said...

Excellent Alis! Those were really interesting...especially your colourful days of the week.
Thanks for taking part.