Thursday, 9 April 2009


OK, so, well, it's done... the editing of the work in progress is finished. It is a work in progress no longer.

I am a little on the exhausted side but, on the whole, cautiously pleased with how the thing's turned out. A finished novel is never quite the towering work of genius (ahem) that you envisaged at the outset but, from my far from objective position with my nose permanently grazed from the grindstone, it looks OK.

As I said to my editor, Will, ideally instead of sending it off to him (which I now have) I would leave the book somewhere for three months to forget about it, then read it with fresh eyes, cry 'Aaargh' or something articulate like that and set about re-writing the whole thing.
Or maybe I'd say 'Hmmm, not so bad after all..'
Who can tell?

Anyway, the point is, it's done, it's sent and there's nothing more I can do about it for at least a fortnight because I'm going away.
I shall be out of email and blog contact because I'm going where there's no internet (my parents house) or internet cafe (the town nearest to my parents farm) so I shall be incommunicado.

It'll be good for me.

Let me just say it again - the book's finished!
For those who haven't picked it up from various ramblings here over the last few months, it's called Not One of Us. At least for the moment.
I really should update the Work in Progress page on the website... remind me when I get back... got to go and pack.

Have a fab Easter everybody!


Unknown said...

Yes, have a fab Easter too - and good luck for the novel!

Alis said...

Cheers, Aliya!

Tim Stretton said...

This is great news, Alis!

Relief is the overwhelming emotion, isn't it? But don't forget to be delighted too!

Karen said...

Well done you :o)) That's a great title too, though I realise it might change in the future!

Happy Easter!

David Isaak said...

Have a great internet fast!

David Isaak said...

Have a great internet fast!

Michelle said...

Congratulations Alis. Enigmatic title too, look forward to hearing further news.
x Web Admin said...

Congrats Alis - keeping everything crossed that there's a great response from Will and co!

Akasha Savage. said...

Well done Alis...can't wait to read it. I love the cover on the German version of Testament. Very gothic...just up my street! x

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