Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cunning plan update

Well, it's working so far. Got til Sunday and I'm on the last scene. Though there may be an epilogue of some kind. There generally is, I find...


Marta Montoliu said...

Hello from Spain!

I found your book in Barcelona's airport (in Spanish), bought it still not sure why (well I am a compulsive reader / writer - that might explain it.., but still, I can never be sure why I pick a certain book out of the large stock of books in book shops). I am still reading it but, so far, I really like it.
Great story telling, the two stories are linked very well, the characters are well built, and the atmospheres suggestive.
Great work, congratulations!

Alis said...

Marta - how very kind of you to get in touch, thank you!
I'm glad you're enjoying Testament so much and thanks for the complimentary comments. I hope you enjoy the rest.
Kind regards