Friday, 2 January 2009

132 words instead of a photograph

What there should be here is a photograph.
Of Testament.
On a three for two table in Waterstones.

The total absence of photograph arises from the fact that:
1. I can’t seem to make my laptop recognise my mobile phone
2. Nobody else in the family can make their laptop recognise my mobile phone (it is very old)
3. I’m not prepared to stand in Waterstones taking pictures.
4. Nobody else in the family is prepared to stand in Waterstones…you get the picture.

A photograph would have conveyed the news much better. I wouldn’t have had to say anything. It would just have been there, underneath the title ‘Look What I Just Found’ or something. There it would be – Testament - obviously lying between Kate Mosse, Rose Tremain and Michelle Moran.

Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.


Martin Edwards said...

The great thing is, you made it! Happy New Year and best of luck with your writing in 09.

Alis said...

Thanks very much, Martin. The best of luck to you too!

Akasha Savage said...

I'll do it! If I see it in Waterstones, I will take a piccie and email it to you!
All the best for 2009. xx

David Isaak said...


But never be afraid to stand in bookstores and take pictures. I can't say I've sold any of my own books that way, but I have left people in American bookstores browsing through works by Roger Morris, Brian McGilloway, and Emma Darwin when they asked why the hell I was snapping photos of boks.

It's a great conversation-starter. If I were single (instead of what--double?), I'd probably spend much of my spare times with a camera in bookshops.

And in your case, you'd probably sell some copies of your own book. After all, it's 3-for-2, and you're on hand to sign it, right?

Aliya Whiteley said...

Yay, Alis! What a thrill!

KAREN said...

That's so thrilling! If I see it in Waterstone's I'll take a photo and post it on here for you :o))

(Eeww - word verification is Noserot. What's that all about??)

Alis said...

Hi Akasha - thanks, piccies would be great. Hope you had a fab new year over on Sheppey - see you soon?

Hi David - maybe you're right, maybe I shouldn't be such a wuss...

Hi Aliya - Ta v.much!

Hi Karen - if you could send me piccies I would, as the Bassist says, be muchos graciased. Not fancying the noserot at all...

Juxtabook said...

What a lovely feeling for you! And what a great start to your 2009. Happy New Year!

Alis said...

Thanks, Juxtabook!