Thursday, 10 July 2008

Funny old weather

For some weird reason the horrible weather is proving far more conducive to producing decent prose than the lovely weather we were enjoying last week. Suddenly, despite giving in and starting on a few ‘fixes’ in the wip, things are looking better. Actually, I’ll be honest and say that once I got back to the fixes I realised that the holes/difficulties weren’t as horrendous as I’d allowed them to become in my imagination. And I had a look at the first chapter again yesterday. Prior to that I’d decided that three pages of dialogue was no way to start a book. Now, I’m not so sure…
Maybe rainy old Britain is a good place to write from after all.


Tim Stretton said...

Sounds good, Alis.

Once you start thinking about how to fill the holes, the problems are often less pervasive than we've built them up to be. Sometimes fixing a single scene can avoid having to rewrite 20,000 words.

I don't think 3 pages of dialogue is a problem if it's good dialogue!

Aliya Whiteley said...

I don't think you do bad dialogue, Alis, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

KAREN said...

That's what I call a silver lining! Really pleased you're back on track :o)


Yes! I always do better in bad weather. Melancholy, perhaps. Glad all going well.

Alis said...

Hi Tim - yes we do build up the bad, don't we?! I also realised that I don't just need to rewrite the character I was obsessing about the other day, I need to introduce her much earlier - that'll probably solve a lot of the problems.

Hi Aliya - Thanks!

Hi Karen - Thanks to you to! Really enjoying your posts at the moment, btw.

Hi Patricia - with the summer we look set to have maybe you'll get back into the groove too!