Saturday, 8 December 2007

We have launch date!

We have a date! Testament is going to be launched at a party at Goldsboro Books on the 10th of January! Totally excited. Other people are talking about what they’re going to wear and are horribly shocked when I confess to no plans whatsoever to buy anything new. Well, I want people to like the book not to be impressed by a new frock/suit/shirt/ripped jeans/whatever.

With that in mind I’ve been doing a bit on MS Publisher, letting friends and family know about the event via an invitation which will go in the Christmas cards. Also going in the Christmas cards is the dreaded Christmas letter, though we always do jokey ones about foible-filled things we’ve done during the year and don’t mention exam results, exotic holidays or other stuff which will inspire people to mutter ‘it’s all very well for them….’ and cross us off the Christmas list.

Meanwhile, my parents are here and we are Christmas shopping (minus Dad who is allergic, in the way only older men can be to shopping) in the packed streets of Canterbury. Today, packed and pouring with rain – definitely not conducive to festive cheer, but hey, who cares?

Off to see the Ultimate Frisbee Freak in his school play tonight. (Great celebrations this week when he passed his driving test!!)

Blogging about reading and writing will recommence on Monday.

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Akasha Savage said...

Soooooo thrilled you've got your launch date...exciting stuff!! xx