Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Website goes live...

News of the day - my website is up and running! Hooray and thanks to Steve who designed it. If you'd like to check it out, it's at

The site going 'live' has made me think about the book it's there to give people information on. Only two months, now, until Testament is published and meanwhile there’s Christmas and New Year to be celebrated so the time is going to disappear.

I don’t know what to expect of being published. Seeing my book in the shops? What if no bookshops can be persuaded to sell it? Being rich and famous? Hardly. 99.9% of authors are neither.
Obviously, after years of writing (click here if you’re remotely interested in how many years and what writing) it’s a huge thrill finally to have found a publisher. But what now?

The Macmillan New Writing contract gives MNW first refusal on your second book once they’ve published your first, so you know somebody’s going to look at it pretty closely but they don’t guarantee to publish it. (This, let's face it, would be foolish...) It’s not a two book deal, in that sense. So, obviously, I’m worrying a lot about how the work in progress is going. Is it as good as Testament? Will MNW like it? Will the people who like Testament like it?

People say it’s so difficult to get published these days that your first book almost has to be your best. What I’m worried about is that maybe that’s true of the second book too…

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